with these outstretched arms…

fathom is an idea that will become (with your help!) a bi-weekly pop-up art reading room in Providence, RI. fathom seeks to be a living, growing archive of contemporary creative work with an emphasis on the making and sharing of local, emerging work. The collection will consist of printed, sharable material such as chapbooks, zines, short run published work, hand-made artist books, materials from local publishers and presses, etc. Think tactile and able to sit on a shelf, or a curated collection of image and text. What would it mean to bend the boundaries of “book”? Please feel free to join me in making this a reality by submitting your work and spreading the word! All are welcome!

fathom is currently in the collecting phase, and accepting submissions.*

On May 6, 2019, the library will pop-up for the first time - stay tuned for the location + calendar!

This library hopes to be an accessible, inclusive community of creative thinkers, and to strive to broaden the range of education and curiosity around art by careful consideration of location, outreach, spatial design, and a focus on collaboration.

*note: original work accepted by and donated to fathom will become part of its permanent collection, and will not be returned.